Song Who Shall Roll the Stone Away
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) H. S. Engstrm
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Who Shall Roll the Stone Away
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Rough Was The Way, And Dark, And Cold,
By Which The Women Came Of Old,
Seeking The Grave Where Jesus Lay,
Upon The First Great Easter Day.

Their Hearts Were Filled With Grief And Fear,
And As Their Trembling Steps Drew Near,
In Whispered Words We Hear Them Say,
But Who Shall Roll The Stone Away?

Our Feeble Women’s Strength Alone
Can Never Move That Weighty Stone;
Our Journey Will Be All In Vain,
We Never Shall See Our Lord Again.

But Still With Love That Lingers Not,
They Press Towards The Sacred Spot,
Where, Resting In Mysterious Sleep,
The Saviour Lies, For Whom They Weep.

And Toiling Onwards Through The Gloom,
They Reach At Last The Rocky Tomb,
Just As The First Faint Streak Of Dawn
Is Breaking On That Easter Morn.

What Is This Sight That Greets Their Eyes?
No Sunshine Streaming From The Sky,
But Beauteous Angels Clothed In White,
And Beaming With Celestial Light.

In Tenderest Tones The Angels Said,
Why Seek The Living With The Dead?
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today,
Come See The Place Where Jesus Lay.

And Looking Up, But Not With Fear,
Those Holy Women Drew More Near;
Till, In The Light Of Easter Day,
They Saw The Stone Was Rolled Away.

Christians, Rejoice! Take Heart Of Grace,
All Ye Who Seek The Saviour’s Face,
There May Be Mountains In The Way,
But God Will Roll Each Stone Away.

It Needs, Perhaps, An Earthquake’s Shock
To Move The Adamantine Rock;
Or Else His Love, If So He Please,
Can Work By Slow And Sure Degrees.

Leave It To Him To Choose The Means;
Each Obstacle That Intervenes
Shall Vanish Like That Mighty Stone,
And God Be Glorified Alone.

Nothing Can Be Too Hard For One
Who Gave His Own Beloved Son
To Die For Man, And From The Grave
To Rise Omnipotent To Save.

Only Believe, And Ye Shall See
How Wonderful His Work Will Be;
Bidding Each Doubt And Fear To Cease,
And All Be Love, And Joy And Peace.

So Let Us All Loud Anthems Sing
To Christ The Lord, Our Heavenly King,
Who On This Glorious Easter Day,
Hath Rolled The Last Great Stone Away.

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