Song To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
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To The Hills I Lift Mine Eyes,
The Everlasting Hills;
Streaming Thence In Fresh Supplies,
My Soul The Spirit Feels.
Will He Not His Help Afford?
Help, While Yet I Ask, Is Given:
God Comes Down; The God And Lord
That Made Both Earth And Heaven.

Faithful Soul, Pray Always; Pray,
And Still In God Confide;
He Thy Feeble Steps Shall Stay,
Nor Suffer Thee To Slide:
Lean On Thy Redeemer’s Breast;
He Thy Quiet Spirit Keeps;
Rest In Him, Securely Rest;
Thy Watchman Never Sleeps.

Neither Sin, Nor Earth, Nor Hell
Thy Keeper Can Surprise;
Careless Slumbers Cannot Steal
On His All-Seeing Eyes;
He Is Israel’s Sure Defence;
Israel All His Care Shall Prove,
Kept By Watchful Providence,
And Ever-Waking Love.

See The Lord, Thy Keeper, Stand
Omnipotently Near!
Lo! He Holds Thee By Thy Hand,
And Banishes Thy Fear;
Shadows With His Wings Thy Head;
Guards From All Impending Harms:
Round Thee And Beneath Are Spread
The Everlasting Arms.

Christ Shall Bless Thy Going Out,
Shall Bless Thy Coming In;
Kindly Compass Thee About,
Till Thou Art Saved From Sin;
Like Thy Spotless Master, Thou,
Filled With Wisdom, Love, And Power,
Holy, Pure, And Perfect, Now,
Henceforth, And Evermore.

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