Song Sinners Dismiss Your Fear
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Charles Wesley
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Sinners Dismiss Your Fear
Scripture Reference(s)
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Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear,
The Joyful Tidings Hear!
This The Word That Jesus Said,
O Believe, And Feel It True;
Christ Is Risen From The Dead,
Lives The Lord Who Died For You!

Haste, To His Tomb Repair,
And See The Tokens There;
See The Place Where Jesus Lay,
Mark The Burial Cloths He Wore;
Angels Near His Relics Stay,
Guards Of Him Who Dies No More.

Why Then Art Thou Cast Down,
Thou Poor Afflicted One?
Full Of Doubts, And Grief’s, And Fears,
Look Into That Open Grave!
Died He Not To Dry Thy Tears?
Rose He Not Thy Soul To Save?

Knowest Thou Not Where To Find
The Saviour Of Mankind?
He Hath Borne Himself Away,
He From Death Himself Hath Freed,
He On The Third Glorious Day,
Rose Triumphant From The Dead.

To Purge Thy Guilty Stain
He Died, And Rose Again;
Wherefore Dost Thou Weep And Mourn?
Sinner, Lift Thine Heart And Eye,
Turn Thee, To Thy Jesus Turn,
See Thy Loving Saviour Nigh.

He Comes His Own To Claim,
He Calls Thee By Thy Name:
Drooping Soul, Rejoice, Rejoice,
See Him There To Life Restored!
Mary—Know Thy Saviour’s Voice,
Hear It, And Reply, My Lord.

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