Song See Martha Weeping At A Tomb
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 3
Genre Contemporary Christian Music
Writer(s) Graham Kendrick
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags See Martha Weeping At A Tomb
Theme(s) God’s Love & Faithfulness, Resurrection, Healing & Personal Renewal
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

See Martha Weeping At A Tomb
How Deep The Anguish Of Her Grieving
Her Brother Lazarus Is Gone
And Hope Lies Cold And Buried With Him
And Then Jesus Comes

See Mary Stumbling Through Her Tears
To Meet The One Who Could Have Saved Him
Why Did It Have To End This Way?
Did He Not Care Her Heart Was Breaking?
And She Falls Facedown, In Her Deep Despair
Pours Out Her Pain, And His Heart Breaks.
Then His Anger Burns, In The Face Of Death
Jesus Weeps, Jesus Weeps

God Of Compassion, God Of Compassion Is Here
God Of All Comfort, Is Here With Us, Has Come To Us
God Of Compassion

There Is No Pain He Does Not Know
No Road Of Bitterness Or Sadness
No Depths Of Sorrow We Can Go
He Walks The Valley There Beside Us
Let Us Lift Our Eyes, Look In To The Face
Of A God Who Knows, A God Who Weeps
And His Voice Cries Out, In The Darkest Place
I Am The Life, I Am The Life

And Now He Lives, He Is The Life, He Is The Life
Alive In Him, We’ll Never Die, Never Die

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