Song Saviour, When In Dust To Thee
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Saviour, When In Dust To Thee
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Saviour, When In Dust To Thee
Low We Bow The Adoring Knee;
When, Repentant, To The Skies
Scarce We Lift Our Weeping Eyes,
O By All Thy Pains And Woe
Suffered Once For Man Below,
Bending From Thy Throne On High,
Hear Our Solemn Litany!

By Thy Helpless Infant Years;
By Thy Life Of Want And Tears;
By Thy Fasting And Distress
In The Savage Wilderness;
By The Dread Mysterious Hour
Of The Subtle Tempter’s Power;
Turn, O Turn A Favouring Eye,
Hear Our Solemn Litany!

By The Sacred Grief That Wept
O’er The Grave Where Lazarus Slept;
By The Gracious Tears That Flowed
Over Salem’s Loved Abode;
By The Mournful Word That Told
Treachery Lurked Within Thy Fold,
From Thy Seat Above The Sky,
Hear Our Solemn Litany!

By Thine Hour Of Whelming Fear;
By Thine Agony Of Prayer;
By The Purple Robe Of Scorn;
By Thy Wounds, Thy Crown Of Thorn;
By The Gloom That Veiled The Skies
O’er The Dreadful Sacrifice;
Listen To Our Humble Cry,
Hear Our Solemn Litany!

By Thy Deep Expiring Groan;
By The Sealed Sepulchral Stone;
By The Vault Whose Dark Abode
Held In Vain The Rising God,
O From Earth To Heaven Restored,
Mighty God, Ascended Lord,
Listen, Listen To The Cry
Of Our Solemn Litany!

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