Song Ring Ring Out Ye Bells
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Alexcenah Thomas
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Ring Ring Out Ye Bells
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Ring, Ring Out, Ye Bells, For Easter,
Ring, Ring Out A Merry Chime;
Every Heart Is Full Of Gladness
At This Joyous Easter Time.
Christ Arose To Open The Portals
Of His Kingdom Bright And Fair,
And To Give Us Life Immortal,
That All Men His Joy Might Share.

On This Day Of All Most Glorious,
Chant Your Joyous Easter Lay,
For Our Jesus Reigns Victorious
Over Earth And Heaven For Aye.

King Of Kings! We Love And Bless Thee,
Death No Longer Holds His Prey;
Jesus Rescued Us, His Children,
Man Is Truly Blest Today.
See, O See The Light Of Heaven
Streaming From The Open Door!
Yes, We Know Our Lord Has Given
Life And Joy Forevermore.

Sing We Then Of Life Eternal,
Joys Of Immortality;
Jesus Burst The Chains Of Bondage,
And The Soul Of Man Is Free.
Sing Of Love So Strong And Matchless,
Lasting Through Eternity;
Ring, Ye Bells, With Notes Of Gladness,
Ring The Glorious Victory.

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