Song Our Risen Saviour
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Eden Latta
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Our Risen Saviour
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

To The Tomb So Chill And Lonely,
Friendly Hands The Saviour Bore;
When His Foes Had Crucified Him,
And When They Could Mock No More,
Then A Guard Of Roman Soldiers
By The Spot Were Made To Stay,
Lest, They Said, That His Disciples
Should His Body Take Away!

Mighty Saviour! We Adore Thee,
We Thy Resurrection Own;
We Will Love, And We Will Serve Thee,
We Will Make Thy Goodness Known.

Jesus Had To His Disciples
Clearly His Own Death Foretold;
And That Death Had Power Only
For Three Days His Form To Hold;
And Just When The Time Was Ended,
Lo! New Life The Saviour Found,
And The Soldiers All Were Frightened,
And Like Dead Men Fell Around.

Jesus Has In Truth Arisen,
He Was Seen To Many Eyes;
And He Lives, Our Mediator,
In The Heavenly Paradise;
We Shall Live Because He Live,
We Shall See His Blessed Face,
Thro’ The Flight Of Endless Ages,
Sinners Saved By Matchless Grace.

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