Song O Quickly Come Dread Judge Of All
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Lawrence Tuttiett
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags O Quickly Come Dread Judge Of All
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

O Quickly Come, Dread Judge Of All;
For, Awful Though Thine Advent Be,
All Shadows From The Truth Will Fall,
And Falsehood Die, In Sight Of Thee:
O Quickly Come, For Doubt And Fear
Like Clouds Dissolve When Thou Art Near.

O Quickly Come, Great King Of All;
Reign All Around Us And Within;
Let Sin No More Our Souls Enthrall,
Let Pain And Sorrow Die With Sin:
O Quickly Come, For Thou Alone
Canst Make Thy Scattered People One.

O Quickly Come, True Life Of All,
For Death Is Mighty All Around;
On Every Home His Shadows Fall,
On Every Heart His Mark Is Found:
O Quickly Come, For Grief And Pain
Can Never Cloud Thy Glorious Reign.

O Quickly Come, Sure Light Of All,
For Gloomy Night Broods Over Our Way;
And Weakly Souls Begin To Fall
With Weary Watching For The Day:
O Quickly Come, For Round Thy Throne
No Eye Is Blind, No Night Is Known.

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