Song O Lord, Thy Faithful Servant Save
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Lord, Thy Faithful Servant Save
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O Lord, Thy Faithful Servant Save,
Faith In Thy Name Thou Know’st I Have;
My Soul Hath Called Thee Mine:
My Good Cannot To Thee Extend,
My Good Did First From Thee Descend,
And All I Have Is Thine.

The Lord Himself My Portion Is;
Thou Reachest Out My Cup Of Bliss,
And Wilt No More Remove;
My Fair Inheritance Thou Art;
The Needful Thing, The Better Part,
I Find In Perfect Love.

The Lord I Will For Ever Bless;
The Counsellor And Prince Of Peace,
He Teaches Me His Will;
He Doth With Nightly Pains Chastise,
And Makes Me To Salvation Wise
By Every Scourge I Feel.

Him Have I Set Before My Face,
The Pardoning God Of Boundless Grace,
Of Everlasting Love;
By Faith I Always See Him Stand,
And With Him Placed On My Right Hand
I Never Shall Remove.

Wherefore My Heart Doth Now Rejoice;
I Wait To Hear Thy Quickening Voice;
My Flesh Exults In Hope;
Thou Wilt Not Leave Me In The Grave;
Sure Confidence In Thee I Have
That Thou Wilt Raise Me Up.

Thou Wilt The Path Of Life Display,
And Lead Me In Thyself The Way,
Till All Thy Grace Is Given:
Fulness Of Joy With Thee There Is;
Thy Presence Makes The Perfect Bliss,
And Where Thou Art Is Heaven.

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