Song O Joyful Sound Of Gospel Grace
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Joyful Sound Of Gospel Grace
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O Joyful Sound Of Gospel Grace!
Christ Shall In Me Appear;
I, Even I, Shall See His Face,
I Shall Be Holy Here.

This Heart Shall Be His Constant Home;
I Hear His Spirit’s Cry,
“Surely,” He Saith, “I Quickly Come,”
He Saith, Who Cannot Lie.

The Glorious Crown Of Righteousness
To Me Reached Out I View;
Conqueror Through Him, I Soon Shall Seize,
And Wear It As My Due.

The Promised Land, From Pisgah’s Top,
I Now Exult To See;
My Hope Is Full (O Glorious Hope!)
Of Immortality.

He Visits Now The House Of Clay,
He Shakes His Future Home;
O Wouldst Thou, Lord, On This Glad Day,
Into Thy Temple Come!

With Me, I Know, I Feel, Thou Art;
But This Cannot Suffice,
Unless Thou Plantest In My Heart
A Constant Paradise.

My Earth Thou Waterest From On High,
But Make It All A Pool;
Spring Up, O Well, I Ever Cry,
Spring Up Within My Soul!

Come, O My God, Thyself Reveal,
Fill All This Mighty Void;
Thou Only Canst My Spirit Fill:
Come, O My God, My God!

Fulfil, Fulfil My Large Desires,
Large As Infinity;
Give, Give Me All My Soul Requires,
All, All That Is In Thee!

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