Song O Holy Spirit Whom Our Master
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) John Ellerton
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags O Holy Spirit Whom Our Master
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

O Holy Spirit, Whom Our Master Sent
Rich With All Treasures From The Throne Above,
We Pray Thee For Thy Gift Most Excellent,
Thy Greatest, Thine Unfailing Gift Of Love.

Thy Grace Abounds; The Written Word Is Ours;
And Satan Trembles At The Might Of Prayer:
The Shield Of Faith Can Quell The Evil Powers,
And Hope’s Bright Helmet Save Us From Despair.

These Yet Abide; But We Would Covet Still
One Gift, Exalted Faith And Hope Above;
Grant Us The New Commandment To Fulfill,
And Even As Jesus Loved Us, So To Love.

Grant Us To Follow His Long-Suffering Path,
Joying In Truth, Yet Helping Them That Fall,
To Think No Evil, Give No Place To Wrath,
But Bear, Believe, Endure And Hope For All.

So When At Length We Know As We Are Known,
And All The Shadows Are For Ever Past,
He Who Is Love May See In Us His Own,
And All In Him Be Perfect Love At Last.

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