Song Lord, I Believe A Rest Remains
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Lord, I Believe A Rest Remains
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Lord, I Believe A Rest Remains
To All Thy People Known,
A Rest Where Pure Enjoyment Reigns,
And Thou Art Loved Alone:

A Rest, Where All Our Souls Desire
Is Fixed On Things Above;
Where Fear, And Sin, And Grief Expire,
Cast Out By Perfect Love.

O That I Now The Rest Might Know,
Believe, And Enter In!
Now, Saviour, Now The Power Bestow,
And Let Me Cease From Sin.

Remove This Hardness From My Heart,
This Unbelief Remove:
To Me The Rest Of Faith Impart,
The Sabbath Of Thy Love.

I Would Be Thine, Thou Know’st I Would,
And Have Thee All My Own;
Thee, O My All-Sufficient Good!
I Want, And Thee Alone.

Thy Name To Me, Thy Nature Grant!
This, Only This Be Given:
Nothing Beside My God I Want,
Nothing In Earth Or Heaven.

Come, O My Saviour, Come Away!
Into My Soul Descend;
No Longer From Thy Creature Stay,
My Author And My End!

Come, Father, Son, And Holy Ghost,
And Seal Me Thine Abode!
Let All I Am In Thee Be Lost,
Let All Be Lost In God.

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