Song Long Have I Lived In Grief And Pain
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Long Have I Lived In Grief And Pain
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Long Have I Lived In Grief And Pain,
And Suffered Many Things In Vain,
And All Physicians Tried;
Nor Men Nor Means My Soul Can Heal,
The Plague Is Still Incurable,
The Fountain Is Undried.

No Help Can I From These Receive;
Nor Men Nor Means Can E’er Relieve,
Or Give My Spirit Ease;
Still Worse And Worse My Ease I Find .
Here Then I Cast Them All Behind,
From All My Works I Cease.

I Find Brought In A Better Hope,
Succour There Is For Me Laid Up,
For Every Helpless Soul;
Salvation Is In Jesu’s Name,
Could I But Touch His Garment’s Hem,
Even I Should Be Made Whole.

‘Tis Here, In Hope My God To Find,
With Humble Awe I Come Behind
And Wait His Grace To Prove;
Before His Face I Dare Not Stand,
But Faith Puts Forth A Trembling Hand,
To Apprehend His Love.

Surely His Healing Power Is Nigh;
I Touch Him Now! By Faith Even I,
My Lord, Lay Hold On Thee:
Thy Power Is Present Now To Heal,
I Feel, Through All My Soul I Feel
That Jesus Died For Me.

I Glory In Redemption Found;
Jesus, My Lord And God, Look Round,
The Conscious Sinner See;
Yes, I Have Touched Thy Clothes, And Own
The Miracle Thy Grace Hath Done
On Such A Worm As Me.

With Lowly Reverential Fear
I Testify That Thou Art Near,
To All Who Seek Thy Love;
Saviour Of All I Thee Proclaim;
The World May Know Thy Saving Name
And All Its Wonders Prove.

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