Song Little Bells Of Easter
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Fanny Crosby
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Little Bells Of Easter
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Little Bells Of Easter, We Will Gently Sway,
Ringing Chimes For Jesus On This Happy Day;
Nodding, Gaily Nodding, Like The Flowers We Love,
Singing Praise All Our Days For The King Above.

Bells Of Easter Gaily Swinging To And Fro,
Pealing Out A Gladsome Lay As Forth We Go;
Jesus Lives Forever Is The News We Bring,
Blessed Tidings Of Salvation, Christ Is King.

Little Bells Of Easter, Swinging All In Time,
Round About Together Hear Our Echoes Chime;
Giving Out The Sunshine As We Pass You By,
Singing Praise All Our Days To The King On High.

Little Bells Of Easter, Happy Hearts Have We,
In Our Master’s Service Faithful Let Us Be;
Ever Moving Onward Step By Step We’ll Go,
Singing Praise All Our Days While On Earth Below.

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