Song Life We Hail Thee
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Bell Harrington
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Life We Hail Thee
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Hark! From The Fields Triumphant Life Is Springing,
Forth From The Earth Ascension Bells Are Ringing;
There’s No Room For Pain And Grief,
Easter Time Brings Sweet Relief,
Life Now Pushes Bud And Leaf,
Life, Life Life!

Life, Life, Life, Exultant Life, We Meet Thee;
Life, Life, Life, Triumphant Life, We Greet Thee;
No More The Tomb Affrights With Its Gloom,
For Death Hath Given Place To Life.

Nature Awakes From Winter’s Stern Dominion,
Upward Faith Soars On Airy, Buoyant Pinion;
Earth Hath Time For Naught But Joy,
Rapture Sweet, Without Alloy,
Men Their Highest Praise Employ,
Life, Life, Life!

Our Souls Look Up From Error’s Doubts Appalling,
Forth To The Skies Where Faith And Hope Are Calling;
All Our Fears Are Past And Gone;
Light Of Life, Shine Freely On;
Hail The Resurrection Dawn,
Life, Life, Life!

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