Song Jesu, Shall I Never Be
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Jesu, Shall I Never Be
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Jesu, Shall I Never Be
Firmly Grounded Upon Thee?
Never By Thy Work Abide,
Never In Thy Wounds Reside?

O How Wavering Is My Mind,
Tossed About With Every Wind!
O How Quickly Doth My Heart
From The Living God Depart!

Jesu, Let My Nature Feel,
Thou Art God Unchangeable:
Speak Into My Soul Thy Name.

Grant That Every Moment I
May Believe, And Feel Thee Nigh;
Steadfastly Behold Thy Face,
Stablished With Abiding Grace.

Plant, And Root, And Fix In Me
All The Mind That Was In Thee;
Settled Peace I Then Shall Find;
Jesu’s Is A Quiet Mind.

Anger I No More Shall Feel,
Always Even, Always Still,
Meekly On My God Reclined;
Jesu’s Is A Gentle Mind.

I Shall Suffer And Fulfil
All My Father’s Gracious Will,
Be In All Alike Resigned;
Jesu’s Is A Patient Mind.

When ‘Tis Deeply Rooted Here,
Perfect Love Shall Cast Out Fear;
Fear Doth Servile Spirits Bind;
Jesu’s Is A Noble Mind.

When I Feel It Fixed Within,
I Shall Have No Power To Sin;
How Shall Sin An Entrance Find?
Jesu’s Is A Spotless Mind.

I Shall Nothing Know Beside
Jesus, And Him Crucified;
Perfectly To Him Be Joined;
Jesu’s Is A Loving Mind.

I Shall Triumph Evermore,
Gratefully My God Adore,
God So Good, So True, So Kind;
Jesu’s Is A Thankful Mind.

Lowly, Loving, Meek, And Pure,
I Shall To The End Endure,
Be No More To Sin Inclined;
Jesu’s Is A Constant Mind.

I Shall Fully Be Restored
To The Image Of My Lord,
Witnessing To All Mankind,
Jesu’s Is A Perfect Mind.

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