Song In Thy Glorious Resurrection
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Christopher Wordsworth
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags In Thy Glorious Resurrection
Scripture Reference(s)
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In Thy Glorious Resurrection,
Lord, We See A World’s Erection,
Man In Thee Is Glorified.
Bliss, For Which The Patriarchs Panted,
Joys, By Holy Psalmists Chanted,
Now In Thee Are Verified.

Oracles Of Former Ages,
Veiled In Dim Prophetic Pages,
Now Lie Open To The Sight;
Now The Types, Which Glimmered Darkling
In The Twilight Gloom, Are Sparkling,
In The Blaze Of Noonday Light.

Isaac From The Wood Is Risen;
Joseph Issues From The Prison;
See The Paschal Lamb Which Saves;
Israel Through The Sea Is Landed,
Pharaoh And His Hosts Are Stranded,
And Overwhelmed In The Waves.

See The Cloudy Pillar Leading,
Rock Refreshing, Manna Feeding;
Joshua Fights And Moses Prays;
See The Lifted Wave-Sheaf, Cheering
Pledge Of Harvest-Fruits Appearing,
Joyful Dawn Of Happy Days.

Samson See At Night Uptearing
Gaza’s Brazen Gates, And Bearing
To The Top Of Hebron’s Hill;
Jonah Comes From Stormy Surges,
From His Three-Days’ Grave Emerges,
Bids Beware Of Coming Ill.

So Thy Resurrection’s Glory
Sheds A Light On Ancient Story;
And It Casts A Forward Ray,
Beacon Light Of Solemn Warning,
To The Dawn Of That Great Morning
Ushering In The Judgment Day.

Ever Since Thy Death And Rising
Thou The Nations Art Baptizing
In Thy Death’s Similitude;
Dead To Sin, And Ever Dying,
And Our Members Mortifying,
May We Walk With Life Renewed!

Forth From Thy First Easter Going,
Sundays Are For Ever Flowing
Onward To A Boundless Sea;
Lord, May They For Thee Prepare Us,
On A Holy River Bear Us
To A Calm Eternity!

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