Song I’m Special Because God Has Loved Me
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-02)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Graham Kendrick
Publisher / Copyrights ThankYou Music
Key D
Tags Loved Me, Crucified, I Have Done
Theme(s) Children, God’s Love & Faithfulness
Scripture Reference(s) John 3 : 16, John 15 : 15
CCLI Song No 223271

I’m Special Because God Has Loved Me
For He Gave The Best Thing That He Had To Save Me
His Own Son Jesus, Crucified To Take The Blame
For All The Bad Things I Have Done

Thank You Jesus, Thank You Lord
For Loving Me So Much
I Know I Don’t Deserve Anything
Help Me Feel Your Love Right Now
To Know Deep In My Heart
That I’m Your Special Friend

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