Song I See The Crowd In Pilate’s Hall
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Horatius Bonar
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags I See The Crowd In Pilate’s Hall
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

I See The Crowd In Pilate’s Hall,
I Mark Their Wrathful Mien;
Their Shouts Of Crucify Appall,
With Blasphemy Between.
And Of That Shouting Multitude
I Feel That I Am One;
And In That Din Of Voices Rude,
I Recognize My Own.

I See The Scourges Tear His Back,
I See The Piercing Crown,
And Of That Crowd Who Smite And Mock,
I Feel That I Am One.
Around Yon Cross, The Throng I See,
Mocking The Sufferer’s Groan,
Yet Still My Voice It Seems To Be
As If I Mocked Alone.

‘Twas I That Shed The Sacred Blood,
I Nailed Him To The Tree,
I Crucified The Christ Of God,
I Joined The Mockery.
Yet Not The Less That Blood Avails,
To Cleanse Away My Sin,
And Not The Less That Cross Prevails
To Give Me Peace Within.

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