Song I Will Serve No Foreign God (I Lift My Hands)
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-02)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Andre Kempen
Publisher / Copyrights Kempen Musi
Tags Lift My Hands, Who Reigns,
Theme(s) Worship, Love & Adoration, Commitment
Scripture Reference(s) Exodus 3 : 14, Exodus 20 : 3, Deuteronomy 5 : 7,Psalms 63 : 4
CCLI Song No 159259

I Lift My Hands
To The Coming King
To The Great I Am
To You I Sing
For You’re The One
Who Reigns Within My Heart [2]

And I Will Serve No Foreign God
Or Any Other Treasure
You Are My Heart’s Desire
Spirit Without Measure
Unto Your Name
I Will Bring My Sacrifice

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