Song How Bitter-Sweet The Mystery
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Eric Schumacher
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags How Bitter-Sweet The Mystery
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

How Bitter-Sweet The Mystery:
Christ Jesus Crucified.
Yet, He Is Not The Guilty One,
No Sin, Though Still He Dies.

Hung On A Cross Of Rugged Wood,
Received He From God’s Hand,
The Penalty, The Wage Of Sin,
Deserved By Wicked Man.

O! Even More Hope We Shall Find
Beyond The Death He Died.
Consider This, That From The Grave
He Rose And Is Alive.

For To This End Christ Jesus Died
Was Raised And Lives Again;
That He Might Be The Lord Of Both
The Dead And The Living!

What Glorious Day We Long Await
When Christ His Church Shall Raise.
Since Then For All Eternity
The Risen One We’ll Praise.

God Demonstrates His Love In This:
While We Were Yet In Sin,
Christ Jesus Died On Our Behalf.
We’re Saved From Wrath Through Him!

Now Sinner, Hear! To His Grace Turn!
Repent, And Be Forgiven
United With Him In His Death;
Alive With Him Now Risen.

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