Song Holy Spirit! Pity Me
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Holy Spirit! Pity Me
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Holy Spirit! Pity Me,
Pierced With Grief For Grieving Thee;
Present, Though I Mourn Apart,
Listen To A Wailing Heart.

Sins Unnumbered I Confess,
Of Exceeding Sinfulness,
Sins Against Thyself Alone,
Only To Omniscience Known;

Deafness To Thy Whispered Calls,
Rashness Midst Remembered Falls,
Transient Fears Beneath The Rod,
Treacherous Trifling With My God;

Tasting That The Lord Is Good,
Pining Then For Poisoned Food;
At The Fountains Of The Skies
Craving Creaturely Supplies!

Worldly Cares At Worship-Time;
Grovelling Aims In Works Sublime;
Pride, When God Is Passing By!
Sloth, When Souls In Darkness Die!

Chilled Devotions, Changed Desires,
Quenched Corruption’s Earlier Fires:
Sins Like These My Heart Deceive,
Thee, Who Only Know’st Them, Grieve.

O How Lightly Have I Slept,
With Thy Daily Wrongs Unwept!
Sought Thy Chidings To Defer,
Shunned The Wounded Comforter.

Woke To Holy Labours Fresh,
With The Plague-Spot In My Flesh;
Angel Seemed To Human Sight,
Stood A Leper In Thy Light!

Still Thy Comforts Do Not Fail,
Still Thy Healing Aids Avail;
Patient Inmate Of My Breast,
Thou Art Grieved, Yet I Am Blest.

O Be Merciful To Me,
Now In Bitterness For Thee!
Father, Pardon Through Thy Son
Sins Against Thy Spirit Done!

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