Song His Be The Victor’s Name
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) Samuel Whitelock Gandy
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags His Be The Victor’s Name
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

His Be The Victor’s Name,
Who Fought The Fight Alone;
Triumphant Saints No Honour Claim;
His Conquest Was Their Own.

By Weakness And Defeat
He Won A Glorious Crown,
Trod All Our Foes Beneath His Feet
By Being Trodden Down.

He Satan’s Power Laid Low;
Made Sin, He Sin Overthrew;
Bowed To The Grave, Destroyed It So,
And Death, By Dying, Slew.

Bless, Bless The Conqueror Slain,
Slain In His Victory;
Who Lived, Who Died, Who Lives Again
For Thee, His Church, For Thee!

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