Song He Did Not Die In Vain
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags He Did Not Die In Vain
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My Blessed Lord Was Crucified,
The Day Was Dark, And Grief Was Wide,
For Hope Was Crushed And All Seemed Vain,
Until That Saviour Rose Again.

Ring Out The Blessed News Again!
Oh! Bear Aloft The Strain;
The Mighty Lord Is Risen In Power,
He Died, But Not In Vain!

He Brings His Great Salvation Nigh,
And On His Love Bids Us Rely;
He Bought Our Peace Through Grief And Pain;
But Oh! He Did Not Die In Vain!

O, Wondrous News Of Life And Love!
That Jesus Lives And Reigns Above!
He Made The Path To Glory Plain;
Ah, No! He Did Not Die In Vain.


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