Song Happy Morn Is Come
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
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Tags Happy Morn Is Come
Scripture Reference(s)
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The Happy Morn Is Come!
Triumphant Over The Grave,
The Lord Hath Left The Tomb
Omnipotent To Save.

Captivity Is Captive Led;
For Jesus Liveth That Was Dead.

Who Now Accuseth Them
For Whom Their Surety Died?
Who Now Shall Those Condemn
Whom God Hath Justified?

Christ Hath The Ransom Paid;
The Glorious Work Is Done;
Oh Him Our Help Is Laid;
By Him Our Victory Won.

Hail, The Triumphant Lord!
Thy Resurrection Thou!
We Bless Thy Sacred Word;
Before Thy Throne We Bow.


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