Song Easter Bells – Pettingell
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Writer(s) F. E. Pettingell
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Easter Bells – Pettingell
Scripture Reference(s)
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Ring, Bells, Ring Out The Story
Of Our Risen Lord And King;
He Hath Despoiled The Spoiler,
Gladly Now His Praises Ring.

Ring! Ring! Easter Bells!
Ring! Ring! Easter Bells!
Ring! Ring!
Sweetest Praises To Our Risen King;
Ring! Ring! Easter Bells!
Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!
Praises To Our Risen King!

Ring, Bells, In Joyous Chorus,
Give The Waiting Nations Cheer;
Join All Our Hearts And Voices,
Christ Is Risen, Do Not Fear.

Ring, Bells Your Sweetest Music,
Christ Our King Ascends On High;
Again In Clouds He Cometh,
Jesus Lives, And Death Shall Die.

Ring, Bells, He Ever Liveth,
Lives And Reigns With God Above;
Ring Loud And Clear His Triumphs,
God Is Mercy, God Is Love.

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