Song Creator Of The Stars Of Night
Album Hymns For Easter
Genre Traditional Christian Hymns
Translator John Mason Neale
Publisher / Copyrights
Tags Creator Of The Stars Of Night
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No

Creator Of The Stars Of Night,
Thy People’s Everlasting Light,
Jesus, Redeemer, Save Us All,
Hear Thou Thy Servants When They Call.

Thou, Sorrowing At The Helpless Cry
Of All Creation Doomed To Die,
Didst Save Our Lost And Guilty Race
By Healing Gifts Of Heavenly Grace.

Thou Cam’st, The Bridegroom Of The Bride,
As Drew The World To Eventide;
Proceeding From A Virgin Shrine,
The Spotless Victim All Divine.

At Thy Great Name, Exalted Now,
All Knees In Lowly Homage Bow;
Al Things In Heaven And Earth Adore,
And Own Thee King For Evermore.

To Thee, O Holy One, We Pray,
Our Judge In That Tremendous Day,
Ward Off, While Yet We Dwell Below,
The Weapons Of Our Crafty Foe.

To God The Father, God The Son,
And God The Spirit, Three In One,
Laud, Honour, Might And Glory Be
From Age To Age Eternally.

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