Song Bid Me Of Men Beware
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Bid Me Of Men Beware
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Bid Me Of Men Beware,
And To My Ways Take Heed,
Discern Their Every Secret Snare,
And Circumspectly Tread;
O May I Calmly Wait
Thy Succours From Above;
And Stand Against Their Open Hate,
And Well-Dissembled Love!

My Spirit, Lord, Alarm
When Men And Devils Join;
‘Gainst All Of The Powers Of Satan Arm
In Panoply Divine;
O May I Set My Face
His Onsets To Repel;
Quench All His Fiery Darts, And Chase
The Fiend To His Own Hell!

But, Above All, Afraid
Of My Own Bosom-Foe,
Still Let Me Seek For Thee For Aid,
To Thee My Weakness Show;
Hang On Thy Arm Alone,
With Self-Destructing Care,
And Deeply In The Spirit Groan
The Never-Ceasing Prayer.

Give Me A Sober Mind,
A Quick-Discerning Eye,
The First Approach Of Sin To Find,
And All Occasions Fly.
Still May I Cleave To Thee,
And Never More Depart,
But Watch With Godly Jealousy
Over My Evil Heart.

Thus May I Pass My Days
Of Sojourning Beneath,
And Languish To Conclude My Race,
And Render Up My Breath;
In Humble Love And Fear,
Thine Image To Regain,
And See Thee In The Clouds Appear,
And Rise With Thee To Reign!

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