Song Be It According To Thy Word
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Be It According To Thy Word
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Be It According To Thy Word;
This Moment Let It Be!
O That I Now, My Gracious Lord,
Might Lose My Life For Thee!

Now, Jesus, Let Thy Powerful Death
Into My Being Come;
Slay The Old Adam With Thy Breath;
The Man Of Sin Consume.

My Old Affections Mortify,
Nail To The Cross My Will;
Daily And Hourly Bid Me Die,
Or Altogether Kill.

Jesus, My Life, Appear Within,
And Bruise The Serpent’s Head;
Enter My Soul, Extirpate Sin,
Cast Out The Cursed Seed.

Hast Thou Not Made Me Willing, Lord?
Would I Not Die This Hour?
Then Speak The Killing, Quickening Word;
Slay, Raise Me, By Thy Power.

Slay Me, And I In Thee Shall Trust,
With Thy Dead Men Arise,
Awake, And Sing Out Of The Dust,
Soon As This Nature Dies.

O Let It Now Make Haste To Die,
The Mortal Wound Receive!
So Shall I Live; And Yet Not I,
But Christ In Me Shall Live.

Be It According To Thy Word!
This Moment Let It Be!
The Life I Lose For Thee, My Lord,
I Find Again In Thee.

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