Song Ah Whither Should I Go
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Ah Whither Should I Go
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Ah Whither Should I Go,
Burdened, And Sick, And Faint?
To Whom Should I My Troubles Show,
And Pour Out My Complaint?
My Saviour Bids Me Come,
Ah! Why Do I Delay?
He Calls The Weary Sinner Home,
And Yet From Him I Stay!

What Is It Keeps Me Back,
From Which I Cannot Part,
Which Will Not Let My Saviour Take,
Possession Of My Heart?
Some Cursed Thing Unknown
Must Surely Lurk Within,
Some Idol, Which I Will Not Own,
Some Secret Bosom-Sin.

Jesu, The Hindrance Show,
Which I Have Feared To See:
Yet Let Me Now Consent To Know
What Keeps Me Out Of Thee:
Searcher Of Hearts, In Mine
Thy Trying Power Display;
Into Its Darkest Corners Shine,
And Take The Veil Away.

I Now Believe In Thee
Compassion Reigns Alone;
According To My Faith To Me
O Let It, Lord, Be Done!
In Me Is All The Bar,
Which Thou Wouldst Fain Remove;
Remove It, And I Shall Declare
That God Is Only Love.

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