Song Whither Shall A Creature Run
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Whither Shall A Creature Run
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Whither Shall A Creature Run,
From Jehovah’s Spirit Fly?
How Jehovah’s Presence Shun,
Screened From His All-Seeing Eye?
Holy Ghost, Before Thy Face
Where Shall I Myself Conceal?
Thou Art God In Every Place,
God Incomprehensible.

If To Heaven I Take My Flight,
With Beatitude Unknown
Filling All The Realms Of Light,
There Thou Sittest On Thy Throne!
If To Hell I Could Retire,
Gloomy Pit Of Endless Pains,
There Is The Consuming Fire,
There Almighty Vengeance Reigns.

If The Morning’s Wings I Gain,
Fly To Earth’s Remotest Bound,
Could I Hid From Thee Remain,
In A World Of Waters Drowned?
Leaving Lands And Seas Behind,
Could I The Omniscient Leave?
There Thy Quicker Hand Would Find,
There Arrest, The Fugitive.

Covered By The Darkest Shade,
Should I Hope To Lurk Unknown,
By A Sudden Light Bewrayed,
By An Uncreated Sun,
Naked At The Noon Of Night
Should I Not To Thee Appear?
Forced To Acknowledge In Thy Sight,
God Is Light, And God Is Here!

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