Song While Dead In Trespasses I Lie
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags While Dead In Trespasses I Lie
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While Dead In Trespasses I Lie,
Thy Quickening Spirit Give;
Call Me, Thou Son Of God, That I
May Hear Thy Voice And Live.

While, Full Of Anguish And Disease
My Weak Distempered Soul
Thy Love Compassionately Sees,
O Let It Make Me Whole!

Cast Out Thy Foes, And Let Them Still
To Jesu’s Name Submit;
Clothe With Thy Righteousness, And Heal
And Place Me At Thy Feet.

To Jesu’s Name If All Things Now
A Trembling Homage Pay,
O Let My Stubborn Spirit Bow,
My Stiff-Necked Will Obey!

Impotent, Dumb, And Deaf, And Blind,
And Sick, And Poor I Am,
But Sure A Remedy To Find
For All In Jesu’s Name.

I Know In Thee All Fulness Dwells,
And All For Wretched Man;
Fill Every Want My Spirit Feels,
And Break Off Every Chain.

If Thou Impart Thyself To Me,
No Other Good I Need;
If Thou, The Son, Shalt Make Me Free,
I Shall Be Free Indeed.

I Cannot Rest Till In Thy Blood
I Full Redemption Have;
But Thou, Through Whom I Come To God,
Canst To The Utmost Save.

From Sin, The Guilt, The Power, The Pain,
Thou Wilt Redeem My Soul;
Lord, I Believe, And Not In Vain,
My Faith Shall Make Me Whole.

I Too With Thee Shall Walk In White,
With All Thy Saints Shall Prove
What Is The Length, And Breadth, And Height,
And Depth Of Perfect Love.

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