Song Where Shall True Believers Go
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Where Shall True Believers Go
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Where Shall True Believers Go,
When From The Flesh They Fly?
Glorious Joys Ordained To Know,
They Mount Above The Sky,
To That Bright Celestial Place;
There They Shall In Raptures Live,
More Than Tongue Can E’er Express,
Or Heart Can E’er Conceive.

When They Once Are Entered There,
Their Mourning Days Are O’er;
Pain, And Sin, And Want, And Care,
And Sighing Are No More;
Subject Then To No Decay,
Heavenly Bodies They Put On,
Swifter Than The Lightning’s Ray,
And Brighter Than The Sun.

But Their Greatest Happiness,
Their Highest Joy, Shall Be,
God Their Saviour To Possess,
To Know, And Love, And See:
With That Beatific Sight
Glorious Ecstasy Is Given;
This Is Their Supreme Delight,
And Makes A Heaven Of Heaven.

Him Beholding Face To Face,
To Him They Glory Give,
Bless His Name And Sing His Praise,
As Long As God Shall Live.
While Eternal Ages Roll,
Thus Employed In Heaven They Are:
Lord, Receive My Happy Soul
With All Thy Servants There!

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