Song When Our Redeeming Lord
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags When Our Redeeming Lord
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When Our Redeeming Lord
Pronounced The Pardoning Word,
Turned Our Souls Captivity,
O What Sweet Surprise We Found
Wonder Asked, “And Can It Be!”
Scarce Believed The Welcome Sound.

And Is It Not A Dream?
And Are We Saved Through Him?
Yes, Our Bounding Heart Replied,
Yes, Broke Out Our Joyful Tongue,
Freely We Are Justified;
This The New, The Gospel-Song!

The Heathen Too Could See
Our Glorious Liberty:
All Our Foes Were Forced To Own
God For Them Hath Wonders Wrought:
Wonders He For Us Hath Done,
From The House Of Bondage Brought.

To Us Our Gracious God
His Pardoning Love Hath Showed;
Now Our Joyful Souls Are Free
From The Guilt And Power Of Sin,
Greater Things We Soon Shall See,
We Shall Soon Be Pure Within.

Who For Thy Coming Wait,
And Wail Their Lost Estate,
Poor, And Sad, And Empty Still,
Who For Full Redemption Weep,
They Shall Thy Appearing Feel,
Sow In Tears, In Joy To Reap.

Who Seed Immortal Bears,
And Wets His Path With Tears,
Doubtless He Shall Soon Return,
Bring His Sheaves With Vast Increase,
Fully Of The Spirit Born,
Perfected In Holiness.

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