Song Thou, Who Hast In Zion Laid
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Thou, Who Hast In Zion Laid
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Thou, Who Hast In Zion Laid
The True Foundation-Stone,
And With Those A Covenant Made,
Who Build On That Alone:
Hear Us, Architect Divine,
Great Builder Of Thy Church Below!
Now Upon Thy Servants Shine,
Who Seeketh Praise To Show.

Earth Is Thine; Her Thousand Hills
Thy Mighty Hand Sustains;
Heaven Thy Awful Presence Fills;
O’er All Thy Glory Reigns:
Yet The Place Of Old Prepared
By Regal David’s Favoured Son
Thy Peculiar Blessing Shared,
And Stood Thy Chosen Throne.

We, Like Jesse’s Son, Would Raise
A Temple To The Lord;
Sound Throughout Its Courts His Praise,
His Saving Name Record;
Dedicate A House To Him,
Who, Once In Mortal Weakness Shrined,
Sorrowed, Suffered, To Redeem,
To Rescue All Mankind.

Father, Son, And Spirit, Send
The Consecrating Flame;
Now In Majesty Descend,
Inscribe The Living Name;
That Great Name By Which We Live
Now Write On This Accepted Stone;
Us Into Thy Hands Receive,
Our Temple Make Thy Throne.

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