Song Thee, Jesu, Thee, The Sinner’s Friend
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Thee, Jesu, Thee, The Sinner’s Friend
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Thee, Jesu, Thee, The Sinner’s Friend,
I Follow On To Apprehend,
Renew The Glorious Strife;
Divinely Confident And Bold,
With Faith’s Strong Arm On Thee Lay Hold,
Thee My Eternal Life.

Thy Heart, I Know, Thy Tender Heart
Doth In My Sorrows Feel Its Part,
And At My Tears Relent;
My Powerful Sighs Thou Canst Not Bear
Nor Stand The Violence Of My Prayer,
My Prayer Omnipotent.

Give Me The Grace, The Love I Claim;
Thy Spirit Now Demands Thy Name;
Thou Know’st The Spirit’s Will;
He Helps My Souls Infirmity,
And Strongly Intercedes For Me
With Groans Unspeakable.

Prisoner Of Hope, To Thee I Turn,
And, Calmly Confident, I Mourn,
And Pray, And Weep For Thee:
Tell Me Thy Love, Thy Secret Tell,
Thy Mystic Name In Me Reveal,
Reveal Thyself In Me.

Descend, Pass By Me, And Proclaim,
O Lord Of Hosts, Thy Glorious Name,
The Lord, The Gracious Lord,
Long-Suffering, Merciful, And Kind;
The God Who Always Bears In Mind
His Everlasting Word.

Plenteous He Is In Truth And Grace;
He Wills That All The Fallen Race
Should Turn, Repent, And Live;
His Pardoning Grace For All Is Free;
Transgression, Sin, Iniquity,
He Freely Doth Forgive.

Mercy He Doth For Thousands Keep;
He Goes And Seeks The One Lost Sheep,
And Brings His Wanderer Home;
And Every Soul That Sheep Might Be:
Come Then, My Lord, And Gather Me,
My Jesus, Quickly Come!

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