Song The Lord Is King, And Earth Submits
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags The Lord Is King, And Earth Submits
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The Lord Is King, And Earth Submits,
Howe’er Impatient, To His Sway,
Between The Cherubim He Sits,
And Makes His Restless Foes Obey.

All Power Is To Our Jesus Given,
O’er Earth’s Rebellious Sons He Reigns;
He Mildly Rules The Hosts Of Heaven,
And Holds The Powers Of Hell In Chains.

In Vain Doth Satan Rage His Hour,
Beyond His Chain He Cannot Go;
Our Jesus Shall Stir Up His Power,
And Soon Avenge Us Of Our Foe.

Jesus Shall His Great Arm Reveal;
Jesus, The Woman’s Conquering Seed,
(Though Now The Serpent Bruise His Heel)
Jesus Shall Bruise The Serpent’s Head.

The Enemy His Tares Hath Sown,
But Christ Shall Shortly Root Them Up,
Shall Cast The Dire Accuser Down,
And Disappoint His Children’s Hope;

Shall Still The Proud Philistine’s Noise,
Baffle The Sons Of Unbelief,
Nor Long Permit Them To Rejoice,
But Turn Their Triumph Into Grief.

Come, Glorious Lord, The Rebels Spurn,
Scatter Thy Foes, Victorious King!
And Gath And Askelon Shall Mourn,
And All The Sons Of God Shall Sing;

Shall Magnify The Sovereign Grace
Of Him That Sits Upon The Throne;
And Earth And Heaven Conspire To Praise
Jehovah, And His Conquering, Son.

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