Sweet And Clear The Birds Are Singing,
At Easter Dawn.
Hark, O Hear, The Bells Are Ringing,
On Easter Morn!
And The Song That They Sing,
That Good News We Hear Them Ring,
Is “Christ The Lord Is Risen, Is Risen.”

Birds, Your Hearts Give To Your Singing,
And Feel No Fear.
Bells, Fill All The Air With Ringing,
Let All Men Hear!
For The Whole World Is Glad,
And With Beauty New Is Clad;
Now Christ The Lord Is Risen, Is Risen.

Leaf And Bud, As Now, Were Growing
In Galilee;
Lilies Jesus Loved Were Blowing
As Fair To See;
When The First Easter Morn
Woke The World To Joy New Born,
For Christ The Lord Is Risen, Was Risen.

Easter Buds Will Soon Be Flowers,
Fragrant And Gay;
Winter’s Snows Give Place To Showers,
And Night To Day;
Hope And Joy Come Again,
Life And Light Forever Reign;
Yea! Christ The Lord Is Risen, Is Risen!


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