Song Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay
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Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay,
Though I Have Done Thee Such Despite,
Nor Cast The Sinner Quite Away,
Nor Take Thine Everlasting Flight.

Though I Have Steeled My Stubborn Heart,
And Still Shook Off My Guilty Fears,
And Vexed, And Urged Thee To Depart,
For Many Long Rebellious Years;

Though I Have Most Unfaithful Been
Of All Who E’er Thy Grace Received,
Ten Thousand Times Thy Goodness Seen,
Ten Thousand Times Thy Goodness Grieved;

Yet O! The Chief Of Sinners Spare,
In Honour Of My Great High-Priest,
Nor In Thy Righteous Anger Swear
To Exclude Me From Thy People’s Rest.

This Only Woe I Deprecate.
This Only Plague I Pray Remove;
Nor Leave Me In My Lost Estate,
Nor Curse Me With This Want Of Love.

Now, Lord, My Weary Soul Release,
Up-Raise Me With Thy Gracious Hand.
And Guide Into Thy Perfect Peace,
And Bring Me To The Promised Land.

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