Song See How Great A Flame Aspires
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags See How Great A Flame Aspires
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See How Great A Flame Aspires,
Kindled By A Spark Of Grace!
Jesu’s Love The Nations Fires,
Sets The Kingdoms On A Blaze;
To Bring Fire On Earth He Came,
Kindled In Some Hearts It Is,
O That All Might Catch The Flame,
All Partake The Glorious Bliss!

When He First The Work Begun,
Small And Feeble Was His Day;
Now The Word Doth Swiftly Run,
Now It Wins Its Widening Way;
More And More It Spreads And Grows,
Ever Mighty To Prevail,
Sin’s Strong-Holds It Now O’erthrows,
Shakes The Trembling Gates Of Hell.

Sons Of God, Your Saviour Praise!
He The Door Hath Opened Wide;
He Hath Given The Word Of Grace,
Jesu’s Word Is Glorified;
Jesus, Mighty To Redeem,
He Alone The Work Hath Wrought;
Worthy Is The Work Of Him,
Him Who Spake A World From Nought.

Saw Ye Not The Cloud Arise,
Little As A Human Hand?
Now It Spreads Along The Skies,
Hangs O’er All The Thirsty Land;
Lo! The Promise Of A Shower
Drops Already From Above;
But The Lord Will Shortly Pour
All The Spirit Of His Love!

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