Song Say The Word I Will Be Healed
Album The Worship Collection ( Vol-09)
Genre Praise & Worship
Writer(s) Stuart Townend
Publisher / Copyrights 1994 Thankyou Music
Key Eb Major
Tags Grace, Healing, Mercy
Theme(s) Grace, Healing, Mercy
Scripture Reference(s)
CCLI Song No 1075631

Say The Word, I Will Be Healed;
You Are The Great Physician,
You Meet Every Need.
Say The Word, I Will Be Free;
Where Chains Have Held Me Captive,
Come Sing Your Songs To Me,
Say The Word.

Say The Word, I Will Be Filled;
My Hands Reach Out To Heaven,
Where Striving Is Stilled.
Say The Word, I Will Be Changed;
Where I Am Dry And Thirsty,
Send Cool, Refreshing Rain,
Say The Word.

His Tears Have Fallen Like Rain On My Life;
Each Drop A Fresh Revelation.
I Will Return To The Place Of The Cross,
Where Grace And Mercy
Pour From Heaven’s Throne.

Say The Word, I Will Be Poor,
That I Might Know The Riches
That You Have In Store.
Say The Word, I Will Be Weak;
Your Strength Will Be The Power
That Satisfies The Meek.
Say The Word.

The Lord Will See The Travail Of His Soul,
And He And I Will Be Satisfied.
Complete The Work You Have Started In Me:
Oh, Come Lord Jesus, Shake My Life Again.

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