Song Our Jesus Is Gone Up On High
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Our Jesus Is Gone Up On High
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Our Jesus Is Gone Up On High,
For Us The Blessing To Receive;
It Now Comes Streaming From The Sky,
The Spirit Comes, And Sinners Live.

To Every One Whom God Shall Call
The Promise Is Securely Made;
To You Far Off; He Calls You All;
Believe The Word Which Christ Hath Said;

“The Holy Ghost, If I Depart,
The Comforter Shall Surely Come,
Shall Make The Contrite Sinner’s Heart
His Loved, His Everlasting Home.”

Lord, We Believe To Us And Ours
The Apostolic Promise Given;
We Wait The Pentecostal Powers,
The Holy Ghost Sent Down From Heaven.

Ah! Leave Us Not To Mourn Below,
Or Long For Thy Return To Pine;
Now, Lord, The Comforter Bestow,
And Fix In Us The Guest Divine.

Assembled Here With One Accord,
Calmly We Wait The Promised Grace,
The Purchase Of Our Dying Lord:
Come, Holy Ghost, And Fill The Place.

If Every One That Asks May Find,
If Still Thou Dost On Sinners Fall,
Come As A Mighty Rushing Wind;
Great Grace Be Now Upon Us All.

Behold, To Thee Our Souls Aspire,
And Languish Thy Descent To Meet:
Kindle In Each The Living Fire,
And Fix In Every Heart Thy Seat.

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