Song Our Friendship Sanctify And Guide
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Our Friendship Sanctify And Guide
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Our Friendship Sanctify And Guide:
Unmixed With Selfishness And Pride,
Thy Glory Be Our Single Aim!
In All Our Intercourse Below,
Still Let Us In Thy Footsteps Go,
And Never Meet But In Thy Name. Fix On Thyself Our Single Eye;
Still Let Us On Thyself Rely,
For All The Help That Each Conveys,
The Help As From Thy Hand Receive,
And Still To Thee All Glory Give,
All Thanks, All Might, All Love, All Praise.

Whate’er Thou Dost On One Bestow,
Let Each The Double Blessing Know;
Let Each The Common Burden Bear;
In Comforts And In Grief`S Agree;
And Wrestle For His Friends With Thee,
In All The Omnipotence Of Prayer. Our Mutual Prayer Accept And Seal;
In All Thy Glorious Self Reveal;
All With The Fire Of Love Baptize:
Thy Kingdom In Our Souls Restore;
And Keep Till We Can Sin No More,
Till All In Thy Whole Image Rise.

Witnesses Of The All-Cleansing Blood,
Long May We Work The Works Of God,
And Do Thy Will Like Those Above;
Together Spread The Gospel Sound,
And Scatter Peace On All Around,
And Joy, And Happiness, And Love. True Yoke-Fellows, By Love Compelled
To Labour In The Gospel Field,
Our All Let Us Delight To Spend
In Gathering In Thy Lambs And Sheep;
Assured That Thou Our Souls Wilt Keep,
Wilt Keep Us Faithful To The End.

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