Song O Thou God Who Hearest Prayer
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Thou God Who Hearest Prayer
Scripture Reference(s)
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O Thou God Who Hearest Prayer,
All Shall Come To Thee That Live:
Sins Too Great For Us To Bear
Thou Wilt Pity And Forgive.
Great, O God, Thy Saving Grace,
Wonderful Thy Truth Is Found:
Hope Of Earth’s Extremest Race,
Hope Of Ocean’s Utmost Bound.

God Of Goodness, From Thy Store
Earth Receives The Wealthy Rain;
Thy Full Channels Gushing O’er
Raise For Man The Springing Grain.
Earth, By Thy Soft Dews Prepared,
Fills Her Furrows, Smooths Her Soil;
And Her Crops With Rich Reward
Bless The Labourer’s Happy Toil.

With Thy Gifts The Year Is Crowned;
Clouds, Thy Chariots, From On High
Scatter O’er The Desert Ground
Drops Of Fatness, As They Fly.
Gladness Girds The Mountain Height,
Fleecy Meads With Gladness Ring:
Vales, With Gleaming Harvest White,
Shout-For Gladness, Shout And Sing

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