Song O Love, I Languish At Thy Stay
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Love, I Languish At Thy Stay
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O Love, I Languish At Thy Stay!
I Pine For Thee With Lingering Smart;
Weary And Faint Through Long Delay,
When Wilt Thou Come Into My Heart?
From Sin And Sorrow Set Me Free,
And Swallow Up My Soul In Thee?

Come, O Thou Universal Good!
Balm Of The Wounded Conscience, Come
The Hungry, Dying Spirit’s Food,
The Weary, Wandering Pilgrim’s Home;
Haven To Take The Shipwrecked In,
My Everlasting Rest From Sin!

Be Thou, O Love, Whate’er I Want;
Support My Feebleness Of Mind,
Relieve The Thirsty Soul, The Faint
Revive, Illuminate The Blind,
The Mournful Cheer, The Drooping Lead,
And Heal The Sick, And Raise The Dead.

Come, O My Comfort And Delight!
My Strength And Health, My Shield And Sun,
My Boast, And Confidence, And Might,
My Joy, My Glory, And My Crown,
My Gospel Hope, My Calling’s Prize,
My Tree O Life, My Paradise!

The Secret Of The Lord Thou Art.
The Mystery So Long Unknown;
Christ In A Pure And Perfect Heart,
The Name Inscribed In The White Stone,
The Life Divine, The Little Leaven,
My Precious Pearl, My Present Heaven.

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