Song O Let The Prisoners’ Mournful Cries
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Let The Prisoners’ Mournful Cries
Scripture Reference(s)
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O Let The Prisoners’ Mournful Cries
As Incense In Thy Sight Appear!
Their Humble Wailings Pierce The Skies,
If Haply They May Feel Thee Near.

The Captive Exiles Make Their Moans,
From Sin Impatient To Be Free:
Call Home, Call Home Thy Banished Ones!
Lead Captive Their Captivity!

Show Them The Blood That Bought Their Peace,
The Anchor Of Their Steadfast Hope;
And Bid Their Guilty Terrors Cease,
And Bring The Ransomed Prisoners Up.

Out Of The Deep Regard Their Cries,
The Fallen Raise, The Mourners Cheer;
O Sun Of Righteousness, Arise,
And Scatter All Their Doubt And Fear!

Pity The Day Of Feeble Things;
O Gather Every Halting Soul!
And Drop Salvation From Thy Wings,
And Make The Contrite Sinner Whole.

Stand By Them In The Fiery Hour,
Their Feebleness Of Mind Defend;
And In Their Weakness Show Thy Power,
And Make Them Patient To The End.

O Satisfy Their Soul In Drought!
Give Them Thy Saving Health To See;
And Let Thy Mercy Find Them Out;
And Let Thy Mercy Reach To Me.

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