Song O God, My God, My All Thou Art
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O God, My God, My All Thou Art
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O God, My God, My All Thou Art!
Ere Shines The Dawn Of Rising Day,
Thy Sovereign Light Within My Heart,
Thy All-Enlivening Power Display.

For Thee My Thirsty Soul Doth Pant,
While In This Desert Land I Live;
And Hungry As I Am, And Faint,
Thy Love Alone Can Comfort Give.

In A Dry Land, Behold, I Place
My Whole Desire On Thee, O Lord;
And More I Joy To Gain Thy Grace,
Than All Earth’s Treasures Can Afford.

More Dear Than Life Itself, Thy Love
My Heart And Tongue Shall Still Employ;
And To Declare Thy Praise Will Prove
My Peace, My Glory, And My Joy.

In Blessing Thee With Grateful Songs
My Happy Life Shall Glide Away;
The Praise That To Thy Name Belongs
Hourly With Lifted Hands I’ll Pay.

Abundant Sweetness, While I Sing
Thy Love, My Ravished Heart O’erflows;
Secure In Thee, My God And King,
Of Glory That No Period Knows.

Thy Name, O God, Upon My Bed
Dwells On My Lips, And Fires My Thought;
With Trembling Awe, In Midnight Shade,
I Muse On All Thy Hands Have Wrought.

In All I Do I Feel Thine Aid;
Therefore Thy Greatness Will I Sing,
O God, Who Bidd’st My Heart Be Glad
Beneath The Shadow Of Thy Wing!

My Soul Draws Nigh And Cleaves To Thee:
Then Let Or Earth Or Hell Assail,
Thy Mighty Hand Shall Set Me Free;
For Whom Thou Sav’st, He Ne’er Shall Fail.

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