Song O Blessed, Blessed Sounds Of Grace
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags O Blessed, Blessed Sounds Of Grace
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O Blessed, Blessed Sounds Of Grace
Still Echoing In My Ear,
Glad Is The Hour, And Loved The Place –
But Whence My Sudden Fear?

What If A Sternly Righteous Doom
Have Sealed This Call My Last!
Before Me Sickness, Death, The Tomb:
Behind, The Unpardoned Past?

My Sabbath Suns May All Have Set,
My Sabbath Scenes Be O’er,
The Place, At Least, Where We Are Met,
May Know My Steps No More;

The Prophet Of The Cross No More
Again Preach Peace To Me;
The Voice Of Interceding Prayer
A Farewell Voice May Be.

While Yet The Life-Proclaiming Word
Doth Through My Conscience Thrill,
Breathe Life; And Lo! Divinely Stirred,
I Can Repent; I Will.

Thou That A Will In Me Hast Wrought,
Haste, Work In Me To Do,
And Lest The Purpose Leave My Thought,
Now My Whole Heart Renew.

Dying Redeemer, To Thy Breast,
A Dying Wretch I Flee,
Bid Me Be Reconciled And Blest,
And Born Of God, Through Thee.

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