Song My God, If I May Call Thee Mine
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags My God, If I May Call Thee Mine
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My God, If I May Call Thee Mine,
From Heaven And Thee Removed So Far,
Draw Nigh; Thy Pitying Ear Incline,
And Cast Not Out My Languid Prayer.

Gently The Weak Thou Lov’st To Lead,
Thou Lov’st To Prop The Feeble Knee;
O Break Not Then A Bruised Reed,
Nor Quench The Smoking, Flax In Me!

Buried In Sin, Thy Voice I Hear,
And Burst The Barriers Of My Tomb,
In All The Marks Of Death Appear,
Forth At Thy Call, Though Bound I Come.

Give Me, O Give Me Fully, Lord,
Thy Resurrection’s Power To Know;
Free Me Indeed, Repeat The Word,
And Loose My Bands, And Let Me Go.

Fain Would I Go To Thee, My God,
Thy Mercies And My Wants To Tell;
To Feel My Pardon Sealed In Blood,
Saviour, Thy Love I Wait To Feel.

Freed From The Power Of Cancelled Sin,
When Shall My Soul Triumphant Prove?
Why Breaks Not Out The Fire Within
In Flames Of Joy, And Praise, And Love?

Jesus, To Thee My Soul Aspires;
Jesus, To Thee I Plight My Vows;
Keep Me From Earthly, Base Desires,
My God, My Saviour, And My Spouse.

Fountain Of All-Sufficient Bliss,
Thou Art The Good I Seek Below,
Fulness Of Joy In Thee There Is,
Without, -‘Tis Misery All, And Woe.

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