Song Lord, Let Me Know Mine End
Album Christian Hymnal – Series 2
Genre Praise & Worship
Publisher / Copyrights John Wesley’s Collection of Hymns
Tags Lord, Let Me Know Mine End
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Lord, Let Me Know Mine End,
My Days, How Brief Their Date,
That I May Timely Comprehend
How Frail My Best Estate.

My Life Is But A Span,
Mine Age As Nought With Thee;
Man, In His Highest Honour, Man
Is Dust And Vanity.

A Shadow Even In Health,
Disquieted With Pride,
Or Racked With Care, He Heaps Up Wealth
Which Unknown Heirs Divide.

What Seek I Now, O Lord?
My Hope Is In Thy Name;
Blot Out My Sins From Thy Record,
Nor Give Me Up To Shame.

Dumb At Thy Feet I Lie,
For Thou Hast Brought Me Low;
Remove Thy Judgments, Lest I Die,
I Faint Beneath Thy Blow.

At Thy Rebuke The Bloom
Of Man’s Vain Beauty Flies;
And Grief Shall, Like A Moth, Consume
All That Delights Our Eyes.

Have Pity On My Fears,
Hearken To My Request,
Turn Not In Silence From My Tears,
But Give The Mourner Rest.

A Stranger, Lord, With Thee
I Walk In Pilgrimage,
Where All My Fathers Once, Like Me,
Sojourned From Age To Age.

O Spare Me Yet, I Pray;
Awhile My Strength Restore,
Ere I Am Summoned Hence Away,
And Seen On Earth No More.

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